Port Security Center: A Beacon for Maritime Intelligence

ESPY’s Port Security Center offers unparalleled Maritime OSINT solutions, ensuring real-time intelligence and security for ports. Coupled with their AI-driven Web Intelligence solutions, ESPY stands as a beacon in the digital age.

Transforming HR Analytics with OSINT

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is like a superhero tool for people who hire employees. It helps them dig deep into info about a person, like their work skills, online activities, money management, and even police records. But it’s not just about background checks. OSINT also helps make the hiring process more open, fair, and aligned with the company’s values. It’s like a cool detective gadget for hiring, making sure the company gets the best person for the job!

Profile NINJA – Cutting-Edge solution that searches leaked databases using social media IDs

The article introduces ProfileNinja, an API service listed on the RapidAPI marketplace. ProfileNinja is a valuable tool for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations as it can search leaked databases with social media IDs from Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn to check if personal information has been compromised. The article emphasizes the importance of protecting personal information and highlights how ProfileNinja can help individuals and businesses in their OSINT investigations. It also mentions that readers can find more information about OSINT tools on the Telegram blog, OSINT ANATOMY.