OSINT Tools for Background Checks: A Deep Dive into the Offensive Security Cheat Sheet

Harnessing OSINT Tools for Comprehensive Background Checks

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has become a crucial component in the digital age, allowing for the collection and analysis of publicly available information. This article delves into some of the tools and methods used in OSINT, particularly focusing on company investigations, public documents, human investigations, and geolocation techniques.

When it comes to OSINT tools for background checks, the landscape is vast and varied. One standout resource is the Offensive Security Cheat Sheet, a comprehensive guide tailored for those seeking in-depth corporate research, public document analysis, human investigations, and geolocation tracking.

Background Check Investigations

In the digital age, the ability to gather and analyze information from publicly available sources, known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), has become invaluable. Whether you’re a cybersecurity expert, a private investigator, or just a curious individual, OSINT tools can provide a wealth of information. One such comprehensive resource is the Offensive Security Cheat Sheet. In this article, we’ll delve deep into its OSINT section, focusing on background check investigations.

1. OSINT Techniques for Company Investigations

Company Information Retrieval:

When investigating a company, the first step is to gather as much information as possible. The Offensive Security Cheat Sheet provides a plethora of tools and websites for this purpose.

  • Company Informations: Websites like OpenCorporates or Companies House can provide details such as company registration, financial data, and director details. These platforms aggregate data from official registries, making them reliable sources.

  • Financial Insights: For a deeper dive into a company’s financial health, tools like Orbis can be invaluable. They provide detailed financial metrics, ownership structures, and even potential risk indicators.

2. Public Documents: The Devil is in the Details

Extracting Metadata from Documents:

Documents, especially official ones, often contain metadata – information about the document itself. This can include the author’s name, software used, and even the location where it was created.

  • Documents Metadata: Tools like ExifTool or Metagoofil can extract such metadata from a wide range of file types. For instance, a PDF’s metadata might reveal the software used to create it, potentially indicating a company’s preferred software suite.

3. Human Profiling with OSINT Tools

Digging Deeper into Personal Profiles:

People leave digital footprints everywhere. From social media profiles to forum posts, there’s a wealth of information waiting to be discovered.

  • Searching Someone: Platforms like Pipl,  ESPY  or Thatsthem can aggregate data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s online presence.

  • E-mails: An email address can be a gateway to a person’s online world. Tools like Hunter.io can find where an email address is used online, potentially revealing social media profiles, personal websites, or even professional affiliations.

  • Usernames: Often, people use the same username across multiple platforms. Tools like namechk.com can check the availability of usernames across various platforms, revealing where an individual might have accounts.

4. Geolocation: Tracking Digital Movements

Tracing Digital Footprints:

Every time someone posts a photo from their favorite cafe or checks in at a tourist spot, they’re sharing their location. This information can be invaluable for investigators.

  • Username Geolocation: Tools like Social Analyzer can find a person’s profile across +300 social media websites. By analyzing posts, comments, and check-ins, it’s possible to build a picture of an individual’s movements and habits.


Background check investigations, powered by OSINT tools, can unearth a treasure trove of information. The Offensive Security Cheat Sheet is just one resource, but it’s a comprehensive one, providing tools and techniques for a wide range of investigations. Whether you’re vetting a potential business partner, investigating a suspicious individual, or just satisfying personal curiosity, OSINT tools are indispensable. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Always use these tools ethically and respect privacy laws.